originally posted 10/28/13 9:50 AM PST
by Jason Martinez

Please feel free to agree or disagree with the rankings in the comments section and give us your opinion.

As players on this list sign, new players will be added to replace them at the bottom of the list.

There is also a complete list of free agent position players and pitchers (click the links below) that will be updated as players sign. These pages are organized by position and then position rank.

As of this moment, player pages have only been created for the 40 players on this list. Clicking any of the other names on the full lists will take you to a blank page. These will be completed in the very near future.

Full list of Free Agent Position Players
Full list of Free Agent Pitchers






  1. Tom Twomey says:

    Great list. Not too many issues here other than Garza is too high and maybe switching Rodney and Kazmir. With all the advanced scouting I’m not buying that Kazmir will be as good next year as he was this year. He wasn’t nearly as consistant as Rodney has been recently. 2 years ago Rodney had one of the best if not the best ever season as a reliever. Rodney’s stuff is still electric. I think the WBC hurt him last year. Halladay should be higher as he seems healthy. Drew and Infante should both get huge money with a drought of middle infielders.

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