Since I was a kid, I’ve always maintained some form of roster tracking as I’m doing here. Now I’m just sharing my notes with you in a much more organized and easier-to-read format. The site is operated from my hometown of San Diego, CA, where I live with my son and daughter.

MLBDepthCharts was created to help readers keep up with the roster activity of each and every major league baseball organization. The goal was to become a valuable resource for baseball fans by offering up-to-the-minute roster projections in the offseason and an accurate look at a team’s organizational depth throughout the entire year.

In July 2011, MLBDepthCharts was named to’s inaugural Twitter 100, a list honoring the most essential twitter feeds in the sports world. The site has also received Twitter shout-outs from ESPN’s Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry, former Dodgers GM Dan Evans, and Hall of Fame baseball reporter Peter Gammons. In addition, the site has been referenced in numerous articles on websites that include FanGraphs, Baseball-Reference, Grantland, and Sports Illustrated’s February 28, 2011 cover story titled ‘Brave New World’.

In addition to my work at, I am a part-time Stats Stringer and Field Timing Coordinator for and have previously served as a full-time MLB Lead Writer for Bleacher Report,  covering trades and free agency. My writing has also been featured at ESPN, Baseball Prospectus and USA Today. I’ve appeared as a guest on various sports radio shows and podcasts, most notably’s Fantasy Baseball 360 and as an in-studio guest at ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut for the Fantasy Focus Podcast.

I’d appreciate any tips from readers on something I may have missed or just a comment on why you may have a difference of opinion. If you can offer a valid argument against one of my projections, I will be more than happy to make a change.

Hope you enjoy!

Jason Martinez
est. February 2009

Contact Jason at for the following:

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  • Constructive criticism and feedback
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  • Roster-related questions
  • Advertising inquiries

Clint Chisam – San Diego, CA MLBDC INSIDER
Brett Chisam – San Diego, CA MLBDC INSIDER

Marc Hefferan - Rochester, NY Under the Radar
Jim Brown – State College, PA Under the Radar
Ed Ibarguen – Farmington, ME How Assembled Charts/Historical Depth Charts
Jon Becker - Deerfield, IL Historical Depth Charts
Scott Strandberg – Norman, OK MLBDC Podcast Host
Andrew Berg – Seattle, WA
 MLBDC Podcast Host




  1. AJ says:

    How often are team pages going to be added over off seaason

  2. Alex says:

    How do I get to the teams lineups? Can’t seem to find a way to get to them, I want to see what the Detroit lineup will look like so I can use it on my baseball game. Thanks!

  3. Ron says:

    Are you going to be doing the daily email updates like last year? I’m not sure but I think you are the site that did those colorful breakdowns of just about every category? Do I have the right site? Lastly, when does that all start?

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